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Omega 3

Omega 3 food supplements

Our Omega 3 food supplements are specially formulated for people who want to increase or maintain their level of essential fatty acids (EFA) found in particular in: food linseed oil, Krill oil.

Our Omega 3 nutritional supplements here below, are high quality products, which consumed with a healthy diet will improve your health and your food balance in respect of your body, its functions and its metabolism.

NB: In case of out of stock of our linseed oil, Omega 369 Balance and Antarctic krill oil are an excellent alternative.

Our Omega 3 food supplements are guaranteed high quality and comply with food standards.

Superba Krill Oil Forte
60 gel capsules
23,95 €
Hemp Formula
500 g powder
18,50 €
HUile de lin Bio
250 ml
10,50 €
Huile de lin bio
500 ml
19,95 €
Graines de lin bio 1kg
1 kg
6,50 €
Huile de noix de coco bio
500 ml
14,65 €
Omega 369 Balance
60 gelatin capsules
7,95 €
MULTI-Fibres Forte
100 capsules
12,90 €
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